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10:47pm 08-19-2022
Hello .

I came here from a Youtube channel that not only covered HEAVEN ONLINE, but also Terminal 00 as well!
I wish to know what exactly a "doll" is in this universe?
Also I hope that this passion project of yours keeps expanding into new heights, just as the angels have done in their visions as well!
I hope you have a great day AND night, and i'll always cherish your designs till the end of reason!
Replied on: 11:34pm 08-19-2022

hello! it's always nice seeing my work make the rounds, as i've naturally poured at great deal into it.

the dolls are a sort of species that served as a sort of proto-angel. akin to greatly oversized insects - as the lunatic god's dream is tainted by its own product; humanity, these highly invasive bugs started shifting their body composition and culture to mimic humans. they look like dolls with their joints, which is why the humans, witches, and what-have-you of this era called them such.

i'm very glad you like what you've seen. thank you so much!

6:34pm 08-15-2022
Greetings, 「momo」.
I came to know of your work through the Terminal Gathering, We have had a few glancing encounters here and there, but I'm sure you don't remember, regardless...
I have no answers, or anything of tangible value to say, but if it's any subjective value, I have to say, I will learn plenty here.
Thank you for your work, it's Delightful!
Replied on: 7:05pm 08-15-2022

hello scott. i do recall seeing you around! i'm glad you appreciate my work. letting me know of such is in fact of tangible value.

11:09pm 08-06-2022
Yo! Gotta love this stuff!
Replied on: 11:47pm 08-06-2022

you definitely do. glad you like it!

6:42pm 08-02-2022
I didn't realize there was such a thing as guestbook, this is probably one of the cooler little interactive things on the site. This thing reminds me HEAVILY of the lilyholic bbs thing and now I wanna add this to my site lol
Replied on: 7:23pm 08-02-2022

it's pretty cool!

7:16pm 08-01-2022
Replied on: 9:18pm 08-01-2022


3:19pm 07-31-2022
I'm such big mistake for you
Replied on: 12:52am 08-01-2022

i'm unsure of what this means, but i appreciate it?

7:23pm 07-30-2022
Grace Clarke
when you update this website, can you add the identification of these 5 diamond over square like mouses?
Replied on: 10:30pm 07-30-2022

i am afraid not!

3:04pm 07-28-2022
i decided to check out your website, and wow! i love how everything looks.. i'll keep checking it out every so often for more do you plan on any other big projects other than net art?
Replied on: 5:10pm 07-28-2022

thank you! while i do have other aspirations - namely music as of late - right now the site is the main focus.

9:27am 07-24-2022
Grace Clarke
What is your smallest piece of art?
Replied on: 2:16pm 07-24-2022

hard to say. i've made a lot of small things. there are a few scanline images that are just a single pixel with some padding, if you want to look at those as "pieces of art" for whatever reason.

8:01pm 07-16-2022
this site is awesome, very very inspiring! has to be one of my favorite lil...web project thingies (?) to date! hoping these words from me and other people help you keep your head up and achieve your dreams...good luck!!
Replied on: 12:42pm 07-17-2022

i'm very glad to hear this, especially that it's inspiring! i implore you to follow that feeling to wherever it leads you. and indeed, these words do a lot to motivate me. thank you!

1:37pm 07-15-2022
Uwaaaa! Such a radical project! May luck be with you!!!
Replied on: 3:37pm 07-15-2022

thank you! i appreciate this wish of luck! i will make use of it.

12:35pm 07-14-2022
this site goes HARD!! respect
Replied on: 1:09pm 07-14-2022

i'm glad you think so!

4:32am 07-14-2022
We'll miss talking together, if you ever want to talk in the future we'll still be there for you.
Replied on: 12:07am 07-15-2022

if it's any consolation, it isn't any sort of personal beef. more just a "well shit, rules are rules"-type block. even just seeing strangers with those icons in my like notifications or while scrolling is on-sight.

4:24pm 07-13-2022
Moth Wan/VY Composer
Link established on Minor Channel #777, thank you for showing us this important synchronicity.
Replied on: 4:27pm 07-13-2022

you're welcome, and thank you for visiting!

4:20pm 07-13-2022
kai (usually?)
this is very interesting and quite gender; thank you for making this--very satisfying and yearning sorts of feelings this site gives me )

Replied on: 4:28pm 07-13-2022

i'm glad you've enjoyed it! it is kind of gender, haha.

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