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12:13am 03-21-2023
Elijah Boltz
Heya momo, I know it's been a while, but I just want to come by here and see if everything is ok.
Its been a while since the last website update, and I wanna know if everything is ok either development or real-life-wise.
Anyways, thank you so much for inspiring me with these grandios graphics and deep storytelling.

See you around,
Replied on: 1:08pm 03-21-2023

it has been fine. these things take time.

8:52am 03-09-2023
The Ghost Child
I like exploring weird art websites and heaven_online is one of the newer ones I'm getting into.
I also have a question.
What do you use to make this website?
Replied on: 1:59pm 03-09-2023

well, i hope you've enjoyed exploring this one too!

i use numerous things. notepad++,, GIMP, noisemaker-py, the internet, my own python scripts, javascript, and many other things.

10:01pm 02-11-2023
you've inspired me, i hope you know that

never has my mind been so numbgobbed so intensely from looking at all of these

im not exactly a website expert so i definitely know i won't make something at this caliber of unique and thought-breaking unconsciousness, but just know you've well made me want to make something of my absurdist mind again

also the red bloke you see in the witching hub-- i really dig their design, A LOT.

absolutely, indefinitely retouching this site again and again for a good while
Replied on: 10:54pm 02-11-2023

i really, really enjoyed reading this. i hope you know that.

and i'm really glad you've enjoyed it! i'll note, i wasn't at all a website expert when i first decided to work on a cool website. i'm not even a website expert now, frankly! trust me, you can do it!

the red bloke, a junior witch, they're pretty cute.

i hope you do enjoy your retouchings, and know that i'm working on massive expansions quite tirelessly, even if it will still take time before it is ready...

7:32pm 02-04-2023
I am not sure what i am doing, but to this point i think i am enjoying exploring this page <3
Replied on: 8:41pm 02-04-2023

don't worry, i don't know what i'm doing either. thank you, still! <3

7:14pm 01-29-2023
Lovely website. I like to pause here and click around while I catch my breath. It's very 'high energy' and good vibrations.
Replied on: 8:51pm 01-29-2023

i'm glad you like visiting, thank you!

1:16pm 01-25-2023
Stumbled on this site earlier and I'm pretty excited to dig into it later :0 Excellent work!
Replied on: 3:20pm 01-25-2023

do enjoy yourself, and thank you!

12:57pm 01-22-2023
I love this website, although it lags on FireFox
Replied on: 1:17pm 01-22-2023

i'm glad you like it! though i'm afraid such an issue is out of my hands.

7:57pm 01-10-2023
thoughts on object shows? :3
Replied on: 9:21pm 01-10-2023

i think they're garbage.

4:27pm 01-09-2023
i have infiltrated your guestbook. how do you feel? It's good to actually be able to look at this on my chromebook

Regardless, much love, dearest sister <3
Replied on: 5:32pm 01-09-2023

i feel like my guestbook has been infiltrated, though i suppose there is but little surprise there. much love to you as well!

10:18pm 01-07-2023
never thought that going through all of the pages of a website could cure boredom, but.. here we are. i really love the environment of the site, and the soundtrack is amazing, too. keep up the good work
Replied on: 1:54am 01-08-2023

i'm glad you enjoy it! "all the pages" will become a much larger number in the eventual future, as i work tirelessly on this update.

8:55pm 12-29-2022
its me lilly
oooh a website comment section i like this! this site is genuinely so cool and momo seems like a very cool phantom. anyways ive decided i need to violently and somewhat annoyingly advertise this to the entire world at any given moment (share with people i like) because i love it sm. great work
Replied on: 4:15pm 12-30-2022

i'm glad you like it! i do agree that i'm at least a little cool, and i appreciate you sharing it.

11:54pm 12-28-2022
The data glitch data
You could please give me a classified link

I need it please please…
Replied on: 4:15pm 12-30-2022


9:10am 12-25-2022
an amazingly beautiful site, i love going on here to put my mind at ease
Replied on: 4:15pm 12-30-2022

thank you so much, i'm glad it can do this for you.

5:37am 12-18-2022
Love this!1
Replied on: 3:26pm 12-22-2022

and it loves you!

6:29pm 12-06-2022
Grimsly Addams
Now this, this is epic
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