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12:15am 07-12-2022
god im in love with this website thank you <3
Replied on: 9:51am 07-12-2022

i'm very glad you like it.

4:00pm 07-09-2022
I think im lost...
Replied on: 4:13pm 07-09-2022

hi lost! i'm momo.

12:21am 07-04-2022
woooooooooooowie omg im takin a quick peak at the new stuf u got and omg literally my favorite website in existenceO_O like , its extremely rare for me to consider myself a "fan" strongly enough that i think about and revel abt a contemporary art thing among my thoughts (aside from like , childhood artifacts , etc) , but what ur doin w this website is really hitting the spot !!!!!!!!!! its one of a rare piece of art that evokes the "i want to horde this and admire it" feeling in me hehe
i live way too much in my own world to like ever come out enough to say something like "this person is a genuine contender for my favorite artist" but im sayin it so congratulations XD momo is a genius of net art 😊
(ii looked at the source code , it does indeed look nice n satisfyingly tidy , i like it :3 )
((((((i rly admire the trove of passion u pour into this website))))))
Replied on: 11:12am 07-04-2022

nancy, this makes me incredibly happy to hear. i'm not quite as good at conveying such glee through text (or in general, haha!) as you are, but reading this is making me melt. thank you so much.

i'm not really good at describing what makes something "hit," but whatever it may be in this case, there will be more of that magic to come. i'm going to continue doing my best with it.

i'm sorry if this response feels a bit "empty," but i'm at a loss for words here. thank you, really.

12:33pm 06-27-2022
what is the biggest piece of art on this website and how long did it take to be finished?
Replied on: 1:14pm 06-27-2022

this is actually a pretty good question, thanks for asking that. among things currently live on the site, i'd say such an honor goes to the archdoll. even having recycled a non-trivial amount of my past pixels, a good month or two went into her, not counting the several months i spent away from working on her, mostly dreading doing the arms and parasol - though they weren't as bad as i feared.

4:09pm 06-26-2022
Inspiring, if I ever get to making my own I will hopefully remember to follow up.
Replied on: 4:40pm 06-26-2022

this means a lot to hear! please do follow up, if so. i'd love to see what you make.

4:46pm 06-25-2022
i;’m p0lter i like Your web goofd web
Replied on: 4:54pm 06-25-2022

thank you so much a for to visiting my website p0lter

1:22pm 06-25-2022
Grace Clarke
how many of these diamond over square like mouses do you have on your 47 page website, i didnt get to see them all.
Replied on: 2:06pm 06-25-2022

five are currently on the live site. expect many more in the future.

9:18pm 06-24-2022
Grace Clarke
could you send me some links of all of the 47 pages you have?
Replied on: 1:28am 06-25-2022

they're not all easy to find, which is by design. i'm afraid i can't share links!

9:16pm 06-24-2022
Grace Clarke
Where are all 47 pages. I only saw a few pages you edited
9:04pm 06-23-2022
Grace Clarke
Replied on: 10:10pm 06-23-2022


Messages: 46 until 60 of 55.
Number of pages: 4
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