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9:06pm 11-23-2022
Grace Clarke
Your art has a lot of improvement!
How many probes do you have on your website??
Replied on: 10:01pm 11-28-2022

there are no probes on my website.

6:09am 11-21-2022
lovely website, momo. i have visited it on multiple occasions and i adore it every time. good job <3
Replied on: 10:00pm 11-28-2022

thank you very much for this!

12:06pm 11-19-2022
It was a nice place to visit
Replied on: 10:01pm 11-28-2022

this is good to hear~

3:21pm 11-08-2022
Your art on the yesterweb discord creeped me out (especially "grandeur". I regret coming to your website why did I do this (nice work btw)
Replied on: 3:26pm 11-08-2022

you came to the website because, despite being creeped out, a sixth sense drew you in closer.
thank you, by the way!

7:29pm 11-05-2022
this website is so cool!! i love the aesthetic and find it really inspirational. thank you for making it!!
Replied on: 7:52pm 11-05-2022

i'm glad you enjoy it, and i'm always happy to see i've inspired people. thank you for giving it a look.

12:24pm 10-07-2022
hello! I am a new observer and I wanted to voice my happiness with this site. your artistic endeavors are inspiring and I hope to one day make a site of my own with an intricate backstory and unique art style
Replied on: 2:24pm 10-07-2022

thank you! i'm always happy to see i've inspired people. i hope you make something great!

6:51am 10-03-2022
hey, found this site linked on terminal 00, just wanted to say it's really cool
Replied on: 11:43am 10-03-2022

thank you! i'm glad you like it.

8:20pm 09-30-2022

It's so great to be able to check back on the progress of this lovely site!
Anyways, I've always wondered about technology of the world before the Lunar Madness either killed everyone or turned them to angels.
How advanced was humanity during this past time of peace?
That's all I have to say, good luck with this lovely project, and may the cosmos forever grace you!
Replied on: 8:37pm 09-30-2022

hello yet again.
i could answer this here and now, and i will answer it. but only someplace else, and at a different time.

12:31am 09-29-2022
Awdner Jseese
Ehy rethe, Eiv' been a naf of ausng neennciv rof asery dna 'Mi eupsr ceetidx ot ese who ruyo iets dlsvoeep as temi oesg no ekli I ddi twhi ish. I tn'ac itaw to ese hwat uyo alpn rfo sith xent! Adn I rlysneeic poeh yuo latuylac etg to edra tihs nrulbdcasme, neev fi t'si nto oto ucmh itnerfdfe morf het etrs of the hteor mtsemcno. Asyt iepc, oeihlkteslm! (Tbw, yrsor rfo het grecin sas meial edasrds, I hughtot it was fnynu oenc opnu a mtei.)
Replied on: 1:08am 09-29-2022

thank you! i'm just as excited as you are, and i'm happy to have you keeping an eye on my work; i have big plans! and don't worry, i had fun unscrambling this, haha.

11:44pm 09-11-2022
Lady PyschiK
i love your aesthetic! both you and angus have inspired me to make my web works like this of my own so thank you for being a huge inspo!
Replied on: 12:27am 09-12-2022

i am extremely happy to hear that you've been inspired. i wish you the best of luck, and thank you!

10:02pm 09-10-2022
Parsee Bulgogi
I have stumbled upon your website in Terminal 00. What a beautiful aesthetic you have! :–D
Replied on: 1:45am 09-11-2022 is what made an artist out of me; truly a magical site. i am glad you enjoy this one, as well!

10:57pm 09-05-2022
Back once again, MoMo!

School has recently begun for me, and I've always wondered something about the Angels for a pretty long time!
Do the Angels still retain some of their humanity, interests or even memories, or are they just blank husks doomed to consume the greater universe (or even multiverse) for all of eternity?
Anyways just quickly popping back in make sure your day and passion project is going as smoothly as expected!
Good luck and trans-infinite regards,

Replied on: 3:35am 09-07-2022

hello yet again!

they don't entirely lose their human memories, but due to their consumption of essence, it does get diluted with time, as they become a sort of hivemind that speaks in an inverse "royal we."

8:44am 09-04-2022
Hello i like this
Replied on: 3:35am 09-07-2022

thank you!

2:52pm 08-22-2022
Hello again momo!

Today is my last day of summer, and I always wanted to know something semi-important about the four main species.
What tier of the Kardashev scale would the humans, dolls, witches and angels be based on how advanced their technology and how much energy they can harness at a time?
Also that theme I downloaded as an mp3 file was much better heard through my ear buds, thanks for telling me how to extract it!
Hope your summer has been grand so far, and may your creations shine brighter than the heavens above!!
Replied on: 3:26pm 08-22-2022

hello once more!

i would say that humans and witches alike - witches still being at least somewhat human - are about as advanced as a type 1 civilization can be while still being a type 1 civilization. the same would probably apply to dolls. angels are wildly unsustainable in how they have grown. they're best described as a type 3, maybe even type 4 civilization. they are the end. of everything, and certainly themselves.

i have had a nice summer, all things considered. too bad i hate summer!

7:17pm 08-20-2022
Dear momo

Thank you for clarifying the meaning behind these bizarre-yet-beautiful beings!
Speaking of dolls, can you please upload the theme that belongs to the area where you view the archdoll in all of her splendor onto Youtube?
It is a VERY good theme, and puts me in another dimension every time I come back to that area, but sadly my Phone will crash the moment I try to go into that website.
Other than that request, I hope that this world that you are building expands into grand horizons, and that you still have a great day AND night!!!
Replied on: 8:33pm 08-20-2022

hi again!

i don't know about uploading it to youtube, as it's not strictly my own work, merely a distortion of a song by KTG titled "musion."

however! all of the audio on the site can be downloaded in mp3 format from the music page, complete with credits in the metadata.

and thank you again, it's very sweet~

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Number of pages: 4
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